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How Can I Better Manage Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms?

Lisa Perna, FNP | 07/31/2022

Give yourself the best chance for success in overcoming your opioid addiction with professional treatment to curb withdrawal symptoms.


How Does Disulfiram Treat Problem Drinking in Adults?

Lisa Perna, FNP | 06/30/2022

Learn how Disulfiram can serve as a useful tool to combat alcoholism and addiction in a medical-assisted treatment plan.


What Health Issues Can be Caused by an Opioid Addiction?

Lisa Perna, FNP | 05/26/2022

Opioid addiction has many adverse effects, including post-acute withdrawal syndrome, emotional and mental troubles, and various physical problems.


Is My Sleep Disorder Caused By Substance Abuse?

Lisa Perna, FNP | 04/30/2022

You may have a sleep disorder caused or made worse by substance abuse, as many substances impact chemicals that influence brain functions.


I Quit Smoking. How Can My Nicotine Cravings Be Reduced?

Lisa Perna, FNP | 03/25/2022

Nicotine cravings could be triggered by many stressful events and situations, but avoiding these are a must for your health.


What Types of Substances Cause Anxiety?

Lisa Perna, FNP | 02/28/2022

Lisa Perna, a nurse practitioner with Revival Recovery Center, can help treat substance-induced mood disorders.


How Does the Detoxification Process For Substance Abuse Work?

Lisa Perna, FNP | 01/11/2022

Detoxification programs are designed to help patients recover from substance abuse. Learn how our clinic helps patients who are facing addiction.


Can Buprenorphine Maintenance Be Used for Opioid Use Disorder?

Lisa Perna, FNP | 12/28/2021

Buprenorphine is part of the medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program that has helped countless individuals overcome opioid dependency.


How Does Medication-Assisted Treatment Help Substance Abuse Disorder?

Lisa Perna, FNP | 11/30/2021

Medication-assisted treatment uses safe, clinically proven drugs to replace opioids, alcohol, nicotine, or other addictive substances.


Does Medication-Assisted Treatment Make it Easier to Overcome Addiction?

Lisa Perna, FNP | 09/24/2021

For those struggling with addiction, medical addiction treatment helps keep them sober.


What is Opioid Use Disorder, and How Can it be Treated?

Lisa Perna, FNP | 09/22/2021

Opioid use disorder encompasses misuse of and addiction to opioid drugs. We treat it with a multifaceted approach.


How Substance Abuse is Connected to Sleep Disorders

Lisa Perna, FNP | 08/29/2021

Substance abuse can lead to other disorders, such as insomnia, leading to further addiction.


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