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Adolescent Treatment in Brighton, MI

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What Is Adolescent Treatment?

ProcedureAdolescence is a challenging time of newfound insecurities, peer pressure, and more opportunities to experiment with drugs and alcohol. In today's society, many teens face a high risk for developing a substance use disorder, as well as a co-occurring mental health condition. If you or your teen are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, medical recovery services are available in Brighton, MI. Family nurse practitioner Lisa Perna offers evidence-based recovery medicine and optional spiritual guidance to help teens struggling with substance abuse, as well as co-occurring mental disorders. Let us help your teen discover the freedom and fulfillment of living a drug-free life. Schedule an appointment at Revival Recovery Center to learn more about our outpatient treatment for teens.

What Are The Benefits Of Adolescent Treatment?

At Revival Recovery Center, our adolescent treatment program offers a number of benefits to help adolescents overcome drug and alcohol problems, including:

  • Employing evidence-based treatments
  • Providing a safe, supportive environment
  • Offering a variety of treatment options
  • Providing mental and emotional health counseling
  • Teaching coping skills and life strategies

Who Is A Candidate For Adolescent Treatment?

Any adolescent (ages 10 — 19) who is struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol and who may be experiencing a co-occurring mental health condition is an ideal candidate for adolescent treatment at Revival Recovery. Family nurse practitioner Lisa Perna provides evidence-based medicine, counseling, coping strategies, optional spiritual guidance, and more to help your adolescent rise above addiction with the skills and tools they'll need to achieve a healthy, happy, and successful life.

How Adolescent Treatment Works

The adolescent years are an important time of development for the teenage brain. Research shows that the decision-making part of the brain (the prefrontal cortex), which controls impulses, is not fully developed until an individual reaches 25. This explains why teens tend to rely on feelings rather than rational thinking abilities, sometimes leading to risky behaviors, like drug and alcohol use. The team at Revival Recovery Center is well-versed in the unique needs of adolescents and provides effective methods to treat youth substance use disorder. The first step is a consultation and assessment at our office. Lab tests, psychiatric screenings, and other tests may be performed to assess your teen's addiction and mental health. Treatment approaches may include counseling, medication-assisted treatment, community support and optional spiritual guidance.

Adolescent Treatment FAQ

How common is drug and alcohol use among adolescents?

According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics:

  • By their senior year in high school, 62% of adolescents have abused alcohol.
  • Between 2016 – 2020, drug use among 8th graders increased 61%.
  • Half of all teenagers have tried drugs at least once.
  • 86% of teens know someone who smokes, drinks, or uses illegal drugs during school.

What are the most common signs of drug use in teens?

The most common signs of drug use include loss of motivation, inability to focus, loss of inhibitions, depression, being sullen or withdrawn, being silent or uncommunicative, anger or hostility, and hyperactivity. Other signs can include disappearing for long periods of time, change in relationships (family, friends), skipping school, periods of sleeplessness followed by “catch up” sleep, chewing gum or mints to cover breath, using eye drops to hide bloodshot eyes, trouble speaking, clumsiness, money problems or stealing money, nasal irritation.

Is medication-assisted treatment safe?

Yes, it is. The medications Nurse Practitioner Lisa Perna administers during her programs are FDA-approved to help control cravings, reduce withdrawal symptoms, and improve program retention.

A Prescription for Hope

If your teenager is struggling with substance use disorder, Revival Recovery Center offers a safe recovery environment. Lisa Perna and her staff provide Christian rehabilitation services that are custom-tailored to the needs of each patient. Whether your teen is using opioids, sedatives, cocaine, alcohol, cannabis, or other substances, we can help. We accept most types of health insurance so please book an appointment at our treatment facility in Brighton, MI today.

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