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Spiritual Guidance in Brighton, MI

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What Is Spiritual Guidance?

ProcedureAt Revival Recovery Center, we believe that discovering spiritual identity in God plays a pivotal role in the addiction recovery process. Throughout treatment, our goal is to point individuals to the saving power of God through Jesus Christ. Our spiritual guidance videos are led by Anita Froman who began to understand God's love firsthand after a series of trials and missteps in her own life. Now, it is her mission to share the abundant love of Jesus with others and teach them how they can discover God's pathway to righteousness, peace, joy, and freedom. If you would like Biblical recovery resources, Christian counseling, or support group services, our practice would be happy to provide more information. Please contact our recovery center in Brighton, MI today.

About Anita Froman

ProcedureAnita first discovered the grace of God at age 14 when she accepted Jesus and His gift of eternal life. However, she was drawn into a wayward lifestyle over the next several years, which caused her relationship with God to wane. Through the tribulations and her efforts to be righteous in her own strength, she realized she had no real power to change herself. At age 25, she asked God to make her a Godly woman, taking the first step toward a fully surrendered life. She can personally testify that God created in her a clean heart, rewrote her story, and set her on the path to a new life full of His abundant grace and love.

How Spiritual Guidance Works

For individuals who are open to faith, we can incorporate Biblical guidance and prayer into all of the recovery services we offer. We believe that salvation comes from God's grace through faith in Jesus Christ.  Salvation is not only the promise of eternal life, but it is the resurrection power of Christ through the Holy Spirit that empowers a person to live in freedom. Our goal is to "prescribe hope" by helping men and women gain an understanding of God's Word and cultivate an intimate relationship with Jesus.

Spiritual Guidance FAQ

Do I have to already be a Christian to get spiritual guidance?

No, you don’t. It doesn’t matter where you are on your spiritual journey or even if you are currently a nonbeliever – anyone can experience the redemptive grace through Christ offered by Anita Froman’s powerful and inspirational videos paired with Biblical guidance and prayer that supports our addiction recovery programs.

Do all of Revival Recovery’s treatment programs involve spiritual guidance?

No, they don’t. While we do promote the powerful benefits of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to help our patients achieve recovery, heal, and start a new life, you can choose whether or not you want to include spiritual guidance in your addiction recovery journey.

What if I’m not comfortable with spiritual guidance?

That's perfectly OK. You choose if you want to include spiritual guidance in your addiction recovery. We do believe in the healing and redemptive power offered by spiritual renewal and awakening through a Christ-centered treatment program; however, you control your spiritual and recovery journey.

A Renewed Mind

At Revival Recovery Center, we believe that a successful recovery begins through finding a new life in Jesus Christ. Anita Froman and our team are here to help you discover the love of Jesus and His life-changing power found in the Gospel. Are you ready to find out what freedom is all about? We encourage you to schedule an appointment at our recovery medicine facility in Brighton, MI.

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