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Screening and Intervention in Brighton, MI

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What Is Screening and Intervention?

ProcedureAt Revival Recovery Center, our providers specialize in evidence-based addiction medicine to help adults of all ages recover from substance abuse. The recovery process generally begins with screening and addiction intervention in Brighton, MI. Our practitioners will perform a series of routine screening tests to detect and determine alcohol or drug use disorders, followed by providing the correct diagnosis and creating an intervention program. Screening and intervention are the first steps toward recovery from drug or alcohol dependence, in addition to co-occurring medical and psychological conditions associated with the use of these substances. family nurse practitioner Lisa Perna and her team foster a caring environment where all who need help are welcome. Get in touch with Revival Recovery Center in Brighton, MI to schedule an appointment today.

What Are The Benefits Of Screening And Intervention?

Screening and addiction intervention in Brighton, MI at Revival Recovery Center is the crucial first step to sobriety for anyone struggling with addiction. This process gives us the information we need to accurately diagnose our patients' conditions and create a targeted treatment program. The benefits of screening and intervention include:

  • Identifying and addressing the addiction
  • Collecting up-to-date health information
  • Testing for toxins in the body
  • Analyzing possible co-occurring medical and psychological issues
  • Helping us visualize the "whole picture" of the addiction
  • Providing the groundwork for a successful treatment plan

Who Is A Candidate For Screening And Intervention?

Anyone struggling with addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is a candidate for screening and addiction intervention in Brighton, MI at Revival Recovery. Whether it's yourself, a family member, or a friend, screening and intervention are the first stepz|s to identifying and addressing addiction so that the process of recovery can begin.

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How Does Screening and Intervention Work?

During your first visit to our outpatient facility in Brighton, MI, you'll sit down with Lisa or one of our caring team members to begin the screening and intervention process. We will gather information about your medical history, mental health, substance use history, symptoms, and behaviors. Lab tests and other diagnostic tests may also be performed. Once the screening is complete, our team will create a customized intervention plan, which may include detoxification, medication-assisted treatment, post-acute withdrawal management, and other types of treatments and support in order to promote long-term changes. By providing effective treatments in a safe, loving environment, our goal is to help you achieve sobriety and live a healthy, fulfilling life.

Screening and Intervention FAQ

How long does drug detox take?

The length of time it takes to detoxify the body from a drug depends on several factors, including what drug was used, if multiple drugs were used, how long the drug was used for, the physical health of the patient, medical history, age, and gender. Typically, detoxification programs will take a few weeks.

How many people struggle with addiction?

Many people may think they are alone in their struggle with addiction, but according to a survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, almost 40% of adults in the U.S. may be battling some form of drug addiction.

What are the benefits of medication-assisted drug treatment programs?

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can help provide safer withdrawal from drugs by:

  • Relieving symptoms
  • Controlling cravings
  • Reducing the risk of overdose
  • Increasing retention success rates treatment programs
  • Decreasing the use of illegal drugs

Start Your Recovery

If you struggle with a drug or alcohol use disorder, you are not alone. The team at Revival Recovery Center is available to provide Christ-centered screening and addiction intervention in Brighton, MI. Let us help you get on track to better health and well-being, repair relationships, spiritual awakening, and so much more. Screening and intervention are the first steps toward initiating care — so we invite you to schedule an appointment online today.

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