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How Does the Detoxification Process For Substance Abuse Work?

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Detoxification is considered one of the most important steps in overcoming addiction to substances like alcohol and drugs. However, many people don't understand how this process works or what it entails. Below, board-certified nurse practitioner Lisa Perna will provide an overview of detoxification and discuss the methods we use to help people safely expel drugs from their system. 


Are you considering treatment for substance abuse? The team at Revival Recovery Center can help you begin your journey toward sobriety if you live near Brighton, MI, or the surrounding communities. This includes Ann Arbor, West Bloomfield, Canton, Novi, Lansing, Ypsilanti, Howell, Hartland, and South Lyon. Call to speak with a representative today and schedule an appointment. We accept many insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. 

What substances cause addiction? 

Some substances can change the way our brains and bodies function. Alcohol and drugs, like opioids, opiates, sedatives, cannabis, and cocaine, are considered substances of abuse, and repeated use over time can lead to physical dependency. It is increasingly difficult for individuals to stop without professional help. 

What is detoxification? 

Detoxification (detox) is the process of removing toxic substances from the body. At Revival Recovery Center, our goal for detoxification is to ensure that patients remain safe while the alcohol or drugs leave their systems. This is because withdrawal symptoms may include nausea, cravings, sweating, body aches, tremors and significant pain, increasing your risk of relapse. 

Revival Recovery Center hopes to achieve the following goals through our detoxification process:  

  •  Clear harmful substances from the body  
  •  Reduce withdrawal symptoms  
  •  Lower your risk for relapse  
  •  Provide a supportive environment where you can heal and rebuild your life  
  •  Provide the tools necessary to continue your recovery from substance abuse  

How does detoxification work at Revival Recovery Center? 

Revival Recovery Center creates individualized treatment plans that address the unique needs of every patient. Your journey begins with a private consultation either virtually or in a comfortable treatment room. Our staff will gather information about your health history and conduct a drug test.  From there, we determine the type and length of treatment you need. 

Our specialists are ready to provide around-the-clock care as you go through this difficult time. Detoxification involves 24-hour medical supervision and medication management as the substances are expelled from your system. Medications can alleviate cravings and side effects associated with withdrawal.  Detox can be from a few days to a few weeks depending on the individuals needs and toelrance to withdrawal from the substance.  Our goal is to help keep you safe, sober and comfortable.

Patients can also live at home and participate in our outpatient detox program. This method is appropriate if you are highly motivated, have a supportive home environment, and have minimal risk of withdrawal symptoms. 

What happens after detoxification? 

The amount of time it takes for patients to make a full recovery varies depending on addiction severity. We encourage you to participate in individual and group therapy as you re-enter your life. These programs can further support your journey and reinforce the path toward sobriety. Our clinic provides a wide range of resources to help you transition back to day-to-day activities. 

Participate in our detoxification program 

Addiction is a serious disease. It is essential to seek professional help if you or a loved one is suffering from substance abuse. At Revival Recovery Center, board-certified nurse practitioner Lisa Perna is here to answer your questions and guide you through this difficult process. If you are concerned about costs, we do accept a wide range of insurance plans, such as Medicare and Medicaid. 

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