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What is Opioid Use Disorder, and How Can it be Treated?

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We understand that everyone is unique, and we dedicate ourselves to understanding you as a person and a patient when devising a comprehensive recovery plan just for you. We warmly welcome those in the Ann Arbor, West Bloomfield, Canton, Novi, and Lansing, MI area, and in surrounding communities to visit our practice in Brighton, MI. Or contact us today at the Revival Recovery Center. 


Lisa Perna is a board-certified nurse practitioner specializing in addiction recovery medicine. She, and our expert team, will do everything in our power to ensure your optimal outcome and future health and happiness. 


Opioid use disorder has become an unprecedented epidemic 


The U.S. is currently facing an alarming opioid epidemic: between 21 – 29% of patients that are prescribed opioids misuse them. And 8 – 12% of those using them develop an opioid use disorder. 


As with other addictions, a major symptom includes the prolonged or excessive use of the drug beyond what was prescribed. This may be accompanied by failed attempts to stop or a desire to discontinue their use. But the pervading urges and cravings for opioids make it very difficult to take the proper action. 


Those suffering from the disorder also have trouble fulfilling everyday obligations at work, home, or school. Personal relationships are adversely affected, and individuals spend much of their time obtaining, using, or recovering from the effects and aftereffects of opioid use. 


Finally, after prolonged use, tolerance increases, and withdrawal occurs. At this point, individuals suffering from opioid use disorder will increase their usage to obtain the same effects or use the drugs to avoid withdrawal symptoms. 


We’re dedicated to your long-term health and happiness, and making your recovery as easy and effective as possible. To ensure your best outcome, our treatment strategies are devised in accordance with the guidelines, research, and clinically proven methods detailed by the Department of Health and Human Services. To begin your journey to recovery, contact us today for a consultation. 


Our comprehensive approach includes pharmacological, educational, social, and psychological support 


We also believe in a “whole patient” approach that’s personally tailored according to your needs, medical history, and lifestyle. Therefore, our treatment center comprises four distinct components that target differnent aspects that lead to success. 


The first is pharmacological treatment, utilizing buprenorphine (a partial opioid-like drug)can block the effects of more potent opioids while reducing cravings and withdrawal.  These, and similar medications like, decrease the rewarding effects of opioids to make individuals less likely to seek them out and less likely to overdose. These drugs are also less addictive and make it easier for individuals to discontinue their use when they feel ready to quit.  Naltrexone is a non-opioid medication that can block some of the rewarding effects of both alcohol and opioids and it can reduce urges and cravings.  Naltrexone come in a tablet you can take once a day or an intramuscular injection once a month.  There are other FDA approved MAT along with off-label medication that can help improve outcomes and discussed under the MAT service section. 


We pair pharmacological assistance with provider and community education efforts since one of the most efficient ways to reach people is to offer easily accessible, relevant information. And those who understand the true scope of the problem are likelier to overcome this defeatable disorder. 


The third component is integrating and coordinating the substance use disorder with your other medical and psychological needs. We consider all the factors that influence your lifestyle and current and past health, both physical and mental. Understanding you as a person helps us devise the most effective treatment plan in Brighton, MI. It also helps us (and you) choose the most practical, easiest-to-follow interventive strategies, giving you the best chance for recovery. 


The fourth recuperative component includes psychosocial and intervention services to provide the mental, emotional, familial and spiritual assistance that can help you lead a long, happy, and drug-free life. 


Contact us today for a brighter tomorrow! 


Regain your health, happiness, and peace. Not just for today or tomorrow, but for life, so you can enjoy the bright future you deserve and envision. We’ll gladly do everything we can to make opioid use disorder a minor detour that you’ll put behind you so you can savor the beautiful road ahead. 


Don’t hesitate to get help. Reach out to us today at Revival Recovery Center for a comprehensive consultation with our board-certified nurse practitioner and addiction recovery specialist Lisa Perna. We also warmly welcome those in the Ann Arbor, West Bloomfield, Canton, Novi, and Lansing areas and surrounding communities to visit our practice in Brighton, MI.

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