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Does Medication-Assisted Treatment Make it Easier to Overcome Addiction?

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Anyone battling addictions understands how life-changing it can be. Opioid addiction is especially dangerous as it leads to serious health problems. Certain medications are successful at helping patients in Brighton, MI to treat their addictions. Lisa Perna, our board-certified nurse practitioner specializing in addiction recovery medicine, helps patients find themselves again at Revival Recovery Center in Brighton, MI with medication-assisted treatment for both drug and alcohol addiction. During an initial visit to our Metro Detroit area office, Lisa will evaluate and assess their existing health to create a customized treatment plan and decide which intervention will help their situation.

About addiction treatment

One aspect of addiction treatment is the use of medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Research shows using MAT can improve your recovery outcomes and potentially prevent relapse. Cravings and withdrawal symptoms are often diminished with these medications and they block drugs or alcohol from giving the user the same rewarding effects. While these medications may not be a cure-all, at Revival Recovery Center, we help our patients achieve a healthy recovery by prescribing hope.

The effects of alcoholism

Heavy or binge drinking can lead to alcohol tolerance. Once this tolerance is established, it will take longer to feel intoxicated. Ultimately, alcohol can make significant brain changes that affect how the body works. Chronic drinking can lead to a dependency on the brain to feel dopamine while drinking to feel good. Those suffering from alcoholism most often experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. In severe cases, life-threatening withdrawal symptoms can occur when someone stops drinking. It is important to seek medical attention to prevent complications. At Revival Recovery Center your safety is very important. We will help to determine to most appropriate lvel of care and provide medication that will help keep you safe and comfortable.

Medication-assisted treatment for addiction

We assess each patient at our Brighton, MI office before determining which medication will work best. Lisa uses the following medical addiction treatment medications:

  1. Buprenorphine: This medication is used to treat opioid addiction.
  2. Disulfiram: This medication causes an unpleasant reaction if the patient consumes alcohol. When combined with drug and alcohol counseling, it helps patients successfully battle addiction.
  3. Naltrexone: This medication is used to block the body’s response to opioids so that patients do not want to relapse.
  4. Acamprosate: This is used to treat alcohol abuse and dependence by normalizing the chemistry of the brain that has been affected by alcohol to help alleviate addiction withdrawal-related anxiety.

At Revival Recovery Center, we believe there are no shortcuts to recovery. However, these medications can ease the transition period and increase someone’s success at becoming and staying sober. During treatment, we ask our patients to attend regular visits to ensure they have all the necessary tools to successfully battle addiction.

Call today to begin medical-assisted addiction treatment

During a visit to Revival Recovery Center, we can address addiction treatment at our Brighton, MI office. With years of experience treating Michigan patients who suffer from substance abuse, nurse practitioner Lisa Perna is highly equipped to provide high-quality outpatient care in the Metro Detroit area. To bring your journey to sobriety, call to schedule an appointment today. We also offer telemedicine/virtual care after your initial assessment. While medications can’t stop addiction entirely, they can be a beneficial part of an addiction treatment program.

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